• Symposium on Structural Violence in Philadelphia and Baltimore

  • Symposium on Cascades of Violence and Global Governance of Peace

  • “Race, ethnicity, culture, and identity: We can almost guarantee that these four social factors play a role in the academic well being
    of all students.” -Dr. Prudence Carter

  • “We're trying to figure out what the common global values are and how to work together with common interests.”
    -Dr. Joshua Mitchell

  • “As long as men and boys approve of laws and practices, which discriminate against their daughters, sisters, wives and mothers,
    nothing will change.” -Ms. Bani Dugal

  • “Think tanks can use their knowledge, research, and convening powers to become useful facilitators and bridge
    builders, and Stimson sees its work as serving not the interests of any party but the larger purpose of pursuing
    peace and security for all.” -Ms. Ellen Laipson

  • “To understand the historical and to generate diversity it is critical to establish national identity through architecture.”
    -Mr. Giancarlo Mazzanti

  • “Peace in the world must be grounded on peace in our homes. We cannot end armed conflict without also ending the
    violence against women and children at home. All violence is connected.” -Dr. Anne Marie Goetz

  • “In our interconnected world, however, there is an increasing recognition that the abuse of human rights denies wider society
    the prosperity that accrues from full enjoyment of rights.” -Professor Nazila Ghanea

  • “Water is the most precious resource on earth for human survival. While we can survive 3 weeks without food,
    we can only survive 3 days without water.” -Dr. William Bowerman

  • "The Bahá'í Chair stands ready to do its part in advancing a new and innovative discourse on global peace.
    It will do so through diligent work, collaboration with scholars throughout the world, and research and publications - all intended
    to advance knowledge and understanding of how to develop a better world." -Dr. Hoda Mahmoudi

  • “Racism is fueled by the idea that human beings can be separated by genetics into races.” -Dr. Joseph L. Graves

The Bahá’í Chair for World Peace at the University of Maryland is an endowed academic program that advances interdisciplinary examination and discourse on global peace. While drawing certain initial insights from religion, the program aims to develop a sound scientific basis for knowledge and strategies that lead to the creation of a better world.

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